Monday, January 2, 2017

Monday Mix 01022017

I stopped writing. I stopped posting things on my lovely blog. But now I've decided to get back at it. To this end, I'll be posting a mix of various things every Monday. Yes: just because of the alliteration. "Monday Mix" has a good ring to it! A "mixtape," a master list, a massive infodump. At times, an actual list of things I've done or of ideas I'm thinking. Every Monday this year. Or so I intend.

Here's my first Monday Mix--my current Top 25 songs from iTunes according to number of plays. It says something of my aesthetic, my interest, my aural love. It says something about me. I hope you enjoy.
  1. "Waves" - White Rainbow
  2. "Extreme Ways" - Moby
  3. "Jigsaw Falling into Place" - Radiohead
  4. "T.Time" - Smolik
  5. "The Dream Beyond" - DJ Tsero
  6. "In a Landscape" by John Cage - Stephen Drury
  7. "Ceremony" - Radiohead
  8. "She's Going Places" - Division Kent
  9. "32 Flavors" - Alana Davis
  10. "Days Go By" - Dirty Vegas
  11. "Bedtime Story" - Madonna
  12. "In the End" - Linkin Park
  13. "Reckoner" - Radiohead
  14. "Subterraneans" - David Bowie (Brian Eno)
  15. "Smalltown Boy" - Bronski Beat
  16. "Running Up that Hill" - Placebo
  17. "Running Up that Hill" - Kate Bush
  18. "The White Flash" - Modeselektor w/ Thom Yorke
  19. "Soon this Space Will Be Too Small" - Lhasa De Sela
  20. "Dream" by John Cage - Stephen Drury
  21. "Beatitudes" - Sweet Honey in the Rock
  22. "Black Grease" - The Black Angels
  23. "Hammering in My Head" - Garbage
  24. "Nobody Knows My Name" - Rickie Lee Jones
  25. "All the Big Trees" - Jónsi & Alex
 Extra points for those who can discern a) my age, b) where I grew up, c) my religious affinity. Happy new year.


  1. 42. Texas. Reformed Baptist. Glad to read your return!

    1. God, I wish. More or less. Hell no. Glad to have you as a reader!