Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Two Lost Projects

Resistances: The Problem of Fascism
  • Walter Benjamin on fascism
  • George Bataille on fascism
  • Emmanuel Lévinas on fascism
  • Jan Patočka on resistance
  • Hannah Arendt on totalitarianism
  • Michel Foucault on resistance
  • Slavoj Žižek on violence and resistance
  • Giorgio Agamben on totalitarianism and biopolitics

Europe out of Bounds: Continuities of Continental Thought

Most of the English-speaking world understands Continental philosophy only from German and French sources. This collection investigates how that tradition is transformed if we trace the impact of Continental philosophy from further east. How does this expanded European context change how we understand what makes this philosophy “continental”? Of particular interest are essays that engage with the legacies of Husserl, Heidegger, and Derrida (e.g., phenomenology, hermeneutics, and deconstruction) within what we typically understand as Central or Eastern Europe.

Is there an Eastern European understanding, practice, or experience of Continental philosophy? Who are the major figures? What are their critiques of and contributions to 20th-/21st-century thought? Is language the only obstacle to Anglophone acceptance of these thinkers and their texts?

Possible Topics Include
  • The Role of Phenomenology in the Velvet Revolution
  • Deconstructing the Soviet Union
  • Authenticity and the Apparatchik
  • Roman Ingarden’s Phenomenology of the Work of Art
  • Reassessing Derrida’s Reading of Jan Patočka
  • Reception of Phenomenology Behind the Iron Curtain
  • Gustav Shpet’s (Unknown) Contributions to Continental Philosophy
  • Hermeneutic Problems of Translating Husserl
  • France Veber’s Theory of Aesthetics
  • Язык as the House of Being
  • Historicity qua/contra Historical Materialism
These two projects were texts I would have written had I had an academic career. There is an archive of all the lost books that never existed. I am its full-time underpaid archivist.

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