Monday, December 22, 2014

Late Modern Sculpture

It seems that I've gotten several new visitors to this blog from the TOL article on Prague's late communist public art. Here are two more works that I spent a lot of time with this summer and that I've spent a lot of time since thinking about. These photos weren't accepted/published by TOL, so I'm uploading them here. It was difficult deciding which photos to submit in the first place.

Detail from František Pašek’s Kalich, an abstract, geometrical metal fountain from 1979 above Prague’s Želivského metro station and near the entrance to the New Jewish Cemetery. According to the sign posted by the city, it was constructed circa 1983, which goes to show that municipal agencies typically don’t have basic information regarding these works.

Detail from a 1984 vitrified clay fountain by Olga and Miroslav Hudeček above Prague’s Vltavská metro station. Currently the fountain is off, and graffiti mars the surrounding plaza where Prague’s homeless gather.

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