Thursday, July 11, 2013

Times Roman

Below are some of my photos from a recent trip to Rome. This collection is of architectural ruins and art/historical objects that I found compelling.
Colosseo I
Colosseo II
Bernini's Elephant (Obelisk Outside
Santa Maria sopra Minerva)

Memento Mori I
Memento Mori II
Colosseo III

Francis of Assisi

Raphael's Transfiguration 
(Detail), Vatican
Phoning It In
Venturi's Monotipo-stele, 1963,
Vatican Contemporary Art Collection
Oculus, Pantheon
Colosseo IV
Ancient Curia Door,
San Giovanni in Laterno
Botero's Trip to the Ecumenical 
Council (Detail), 1972, Vatican
Contemporary Art Collection

He went to Italy to see the History. After paying
 the entry fee he was told that the History was 
no longer there. In its place was a pile of rubble.

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