Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Voice precedes face, revealing the necessary disruption of alterity that subtends our subjectivity, our identity. We hear before we see. We know that we can always close our eyes, turn away, refuse to see. We have no such luxury with sound, which even in deafness worms its way through the medium of flesh and bone to our very core. The sounding shows itself as the clearing, wherein being dis-closes itself. We listen in the knowledge that the illusion of choice removes itself from under our feet. Voice dis-plays itself as the invisible.

The non-teleological outstrips and unhinges the strictures of tyrannical Logos. The wandering sidesteps the conditioned path, the re-course of history. Primal music dislocates the scale, plays the notes between the notes. Microtonality exposes the condition of the possibility of music as such. Orality, vocality never merely reflect nature but resound in and as nature. Voice becomes the condition for the possibility of the saying outside the strictures of textual Logos, the said.

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