Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Homolithic: The Stone that Remains

The space of human being opens onto the geological, inscribing strata of geological time into the very arche-writing of the elemental. Human being follows the being of the stone. We track the stone as that which remains anterior to the chronological, as that which enciphers the very possibility of human time. The stone, whose legibility renders human being as time possible, de-scribes the space of human being as legible in the first place. In writing upon the surface of these environments, we necessarily unwrite nature's narratology. But nature--as that which precedes as well as that which will proceed from human being--in surviving the Anthropocene, opens up the very futurity of human illegibility: unremembered memorials, de-installed installations. The stone remains stone in its stony and stonied mode of being, and the human world returns to being all but invisible in the very possibility of the stone that remains.

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