Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vox Animalis

The animal voice comes from beyond the body, resonates throughout the body. Its significance resides in the echo of the call, in the trace of the animal voice inscribed within the body. This residual animalia worms its way through the body, directing attention toward the meaningful structures carried along by the animal voice from beyond. One cannot not hear the animal call. Though one may turn a deaf ear toward the animot, one's body nevertheless and necessarily perceives the phenomenon. And that phenomenon is necessarily encoded with meaning: a yelp of pain, a peep of a greeting, a roar of danger. The animot speaks of the animal beyond and echoes throughout the animalic body. What binds the human and animal, then, is prosody. What conjoins the human animal and the non-human animal is the per-sonal, the su/per-sonic. Through the medium of meaningful sound, the animot speaks in the language of the animal trace from which the personal arises; the vox animalis performs (as) the person.

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