Monday, June 18, 2012


He wonders if he'll ever get his work done after working nonstop for most of the day. Several things checked off the to-do list and several more things added: lift weights, rake the front yard, mow the front yard, grocery shopping, eat lunch, mail order prescriptions, email the dentist, reset the password, download the songs, edit the letter, respond to only three of the most recent emails, realize that his inbox has 170 messages. Correction: realize that one inbox has 170 messages and realize he has no idea how many other messages are in his several other inboxes. Wonder why he has as many email accounts as he does. Something to put on the to-do list: deactivate his Hotmail account. Don't stress out about not having his teaching statement together. Don't stress out about not having his conference paper edited down to the allotted time. Don't stress out about still having a stack of papers on the table. Now it's 5:43: time to clean the cat boxes and plan supper. Another email arrives: #171.

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