Friday, December 23, 2011

Cursory Notes on Phenomenology

"Intentionality" expresses the notion that all consciousness shows itself as consciousness of. Therefore, with the employment of the phenomenological method, one escapes the interiority of egoistic solipsism and instead finds that the world and the mind are correlated with one another. “Things" in the material world impress themselves upon our human perception, and phenomenology, at its most basic, traces the mediation between pure ("subjective") idealistic perception and pure ("objective") positivistic materialism. By both dismissing as well as calling into question the metaphysical assumptions of the “thing" itself, the phenomenologist seeks to describe, to give an account of the ways—the structures of intentionality—in which the “thing" presents itself, even if such presentation “includes" its co-constituted absence(s). How is it that I can and do take the back side of the refrigerator, even if I have never had the experience of seeing it (or one) and even if I lack the rational ability to deduce it?

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