Friday, August 12, 2011

I'll Tumble for You

I've been microblogging on Tumblr for the past few months as l'immoraliste. Usually my posts are nothing more than links for calls for papers, to conferences, and to other professional sites. I also post lots of quotes and citations from other blogs, articles, and online reports. But there are a few recent posts that are worthy of being re-posted here on my official blog.

The Inadequacy of Distance
In which I critique, by way of Blanchot, a New York Times article casually dismissing some victims of September 11 as "passive."

Fascism for the Fearful
In which I put the question of fascism and fascist rhetoric to the test. It fails, of course, but not before bringing about its own holocaust across the world. Nevertheless, I signal from the flames.

House in the Desert
In which I recount some personal history that might offer some insight into who I am.

What People Don't Understand about my Job: A Philosopher
In which I answer The Atlantic's call to revel to others (who are not philosophers) what they might not know or understand about what it is I do on a daily basis.

If you are already on Tumblr, I hope you find my little site interesting and useful.