Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well, I never intended to transform this into a photo-blog! (Or is anyone saying "phlog" yet?) It's just so much easier to see something that catches my eye that I want to shoot and post here than it is to sit down and try to compose something literate and readable. And with my new phone, I'm even more connected to my blog, even though hardly any text has been written since I set up the mobile function.

I spent the past two days editing an article for a professor. Yes, over the weekend. Before a national holiday. My own dedication and professionalism and work ethic scare me at times. But when my options are to edit someone else's work or write my own, the choice is obvious. I'm still putting my incomplete term paper even further back on a burner. Behind the stove. In the other room.

I'm finding it much more difficult to get my thoughts out of my head and down on paper in a functional form. I like thinking, I like having conversations with my colleagues and friends, but there's been a block lately about writing papers. I say that after writing more papers this past year than I have in all of my life.

Perhaps I'm still playing with the idea of being a writer instead of writing. I say that after already beginning to draft my dissertation, seven months before I actually begin dissertation hours. I am looking forward to getting to that stage in the process. But first I need to finish this essay. I only need about four more pages! Polish what I have, write some transitions, and then conclude. And then I can throw myself into reading for my comprehensive exams next month. Which will basically be writing three term papers across three 24-hour periods. Let me just say that there will be some cutting and pasting going on.

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