Friday, December 5, 2008

Bullet-Point Friday

  • That's right: I'm bringing bullets back into fashion. Just in time, since some whack-ass bastards are trying to get an open-carry law passed in Texas. Just what we all need: asshole Texans waving their fucking guns in our faces as we try to fight traffic on the way home each evening. By the way, I fully embrace my own assholiness, but God gave me middle fingers to wave in your face instead. Even point blank, they barely pierce the skin.
  • I've finished one class so far. Only two term papers to go. And grading 80 US history final exams. And submitting grades for my own philosophy students. I already know the majority of the winter break is going to consist of finishing this term's projects and planning for the spring. And yes, I'm currently avoiding working on a term paper right now.
  • The ways in which I have allowed myself to become distracted so far today instead of drafting my essay include
    • checking email and Facebook updates as if my life depended on it
    • petting and playing with my cats
    • attempting yet again to set up a live webcam feed on my blog ... with no success
    • organizing my notes for the one class that I've completed this term
    • coming up with bullet-point content to post on my blog
    • thinking about shredding the stack of papers laying on the floor behind me
    • reading articles about African singers, the death of Patriarch Aleksy II, and the attempt to deem protestations of animal rights violations as a form of terrorism
  • I've just finished my fourth cup of coffee today: two over breakfast, one mid-morning, and one afternoon. I think it's time to introduce a late afternoon version of the tried-and-true.
  • My goddamned feet are still freezing even after wearing thick winter socks in my house-shoes and turning up the thermostat to almost 80 degrees. Cold feet make Frankie real mad!
  • Maybe I'll go see what the topic on Oprah is today while I heat up that fifth cup of coffee.

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