Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sick Day

This is the first real sick day I’ve taken in months if not years. Whatever illness I’ve been suffering through over the past several weeks finally got the upper hand last night when it not only made me nauseated but also unable to sleep. There’s nothing like a double measure of the wrath of God to force little, old me to forgo the typical “eyes wide shut” approach to daily life and instead focus on interpretational strategies to help me understand just what the heck is going on with my body. My mind. My soul.

Medial science is pure hermeneutics.

And although I’ve looked up several new physicians in the vicinity, I finally made the decision to call my old quack from the neighborhood of south Dallas. At least I won’t have to fill in endless medical histories of me and my ilk. And I can get in tomorrow afternoon. Meaning: tomorrow will also be a sick day wherein I miss yet another class.

I just finished watching a PBS/Nova documentary about the Bible’s “Buried Secrets.” Spoiler alert: the Israelites are really the remnants of low class Canaanites, most of whom were born and bred in the highlands. And that whole monotheism thing of theirs didn’t really take off until after the Babylonian Captivity during the 6th century BCE.

Before the destruction of the First Temple, thousands of deities/idols were kept in the cupboards of the ever self-righteous. Little clay Asherah figurines kept the Midianite god YHW(H) company on those long, lonely Promised Land nights.

I wanted to watch this documentary after sitting through three hours of intellectualizing over Freud’s text Moses and Monotheism yesterday morning. So many repetitive secondary sources ill chosen for the task of not annoying me with subject matter or reading load! I was hoping some “scientific” exposition would help bring my mind back to life after being intolerably numbed in class.

Now—if I can sit up, eat some food, and stay awake—I need to shower and get other work done now that I have some time to actually work productively. I would rather sleep, but it’s probably not a good idea to jump start full-blown insomnia while I’m still sick with heaven-knows-what.

By the way, I’m on hiatus from scheduled blog posts for the next few weeks. I had intended to announce this obvious development several days ago, but as usual, my schedule got the best of me. I’ll try to check in every few days. I hope all is well out there with you and yours.

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