Friday, August 29, 2008

Project Blog It: Certitude

I am certain that Barak Obama and his Obamanations are quite nice people.

Senator Obama unquestioningly and with certitude will defend Israel’s right to exist. Yet certainly Palestinians, too, have the right to defend themselves against the incessant encroachment upon Palestinian lands and the destruction of Palestinian infrastructure at the hands of Israel.

I am certain that queer Americans do not appreciate being sandwiched between abortion, gun control, and immigration within Obama’s long-winded speech last night, as if we were mere issues or not even tax-paying citizens (second) and human beings (first). Certainly queers are not interested in being the new nigger.

I am certain that the middle class is mere rhetoric and self-misperception. The middle class does not exist; it is a figment of politicians’ (un)imaginations. Yet certainly 95% of Americans still claim to be part of it. (I am certain that the only other self-misperception that remains more prevalent is the claim to Christianity. But just because you says it, don’t makes it so.)

I am certain that the Athenian portico set of Obama’s speech similitudinarily served as Washington in general as well as the White House specifically, as if to remind us that this (half) black man, this Halfrican American, looks like he belongs among the alabaster columns designating the Halls of Power.

I am certain that there is nothing of real power within the word “change,” especially when etymologically it simply means “exchange” or “return, to turn back.” Certainly it means even less after being used far too many times these past few days. I am certain that far too few people in Denver saw it that way.

Despite my many reservations, however, I remain certain that Obama would be an improvement over the alternatives. I’m just tired of the uncritical hero-worship signifying the utter uselessness of American political culture.

I am certain most people would disagree.

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