Friday, July 11, 2008


In an attempt to show my dearest (and some of my oldest) friends some love and support, I decided to jump on their bandwagon a bit this Friday and post an ancillary to their posts on bliss.

I've been fortunate enough to have shared many road trips with Road Trip Girl. The worst one took us to east Texas, bored and at wit's end trying to find particular cabins in a particular state park that never materialized. In defiance, our next trip took us from Dallas through Denver and Missoula to the Pacific Northwest down through Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and back home by way of the Grand Canyon and Albuquerque. Our next roadtrip begins this afternoon as we head to Austin for the weekend.

Our co-pilot (besides God, of course) to Austin will be everyone's favorite--and not just because of those spicy cream-cheese roll-ups he made for our last road trip to Santa Fe: Shmonk, the man responsible for the majority of bliss in my own life.

Here's a little jovial song I wrote several years ago, in another life as another person, but with my own full share of personal bliss. If you like it, feel free to download the mp3. At the very least, the retro-electro-pop synth sound should put a smile on your face.

Here are two more pieces on the theme of bliss: FireFlower68 and Vox Minerva.

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