Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Taxing Day

First off, I oppose all taxing situations. Secondly, read my lips: “No new taxes.” Finally, I’d like to modestly propose a revision to our investment scheme in the United States. Let’s rid ourselves of taxes altogether and instead make investments in our nation’s infrastructure as well as in our commonwealth.

A sensible percentage of all income and transactions—with exceptions for all persons below the age of 18, fulltime students, active military, and anyone who earns less than the arbitrary (but judiciously round figure of) $30,000—should be invested in ensuring
  • that roads do not have potholes,
  • that everyone has access to wireless and a computer,
  • that education and research facilities are properly equipped,
  • that drinking water is safe and clean,
  • that teachers are properly paid,
  • that the military is suitably outfitted,
  • that all citizens and visitors have access to healthcare,
  • that environmentally conscious technologies are developed and implemented,
  • that everyone on the planet has a decent meal every day,
  • that rehabilitation facilities exist and operate to help addicts recover so that prisons are not overpopulated, and
  • that accessible transportation exists for everyone in every community.
Things to cut altogether:
  • subsidies for farmers,
  • bailout funds for corporations,
  • tax-free status for “religious” institutions,
  • tax shelters for the extremely wealthy,
  • toll roads,
  • passport fees,
  • utility fees (yes, it’s time for water and electricity to be basic human rights!), and
  • education fees (yes, it’s time for education to be a basic human right!).
Oh, my lists could go on and on. Ultimately, we pay so little in taxes in the U.S., especially compared to more civilized and democratic societies like Sweden and Denmark. But if everyone were to pay her/his fair share, then there would be a surplus of investment monies to revitalize our economy as well as our society. Yet no American leader exists to do anything about it.

Unhappy Tax Day!

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