Sunday, April 13, 2008

Anger (Under New) Management

I could login here almost daily and list a dozen or more complaints about bothersome conditions that invade my otherwise placid world, but I’m tired of bitching. Tired of being a bitch.

Yeah, that’s right: you read it here first. Being a grumpy, middle-aged, overworked adult—despite all justifications—just isn’t who I ever thought I’d be. Primarily because I’ve been saving that up for when I’m 80.

So in an effort to conserve, to preserve, to reserve all that is good about who I am, I hereby list the conditions of my life for which I have every cause to be thankful. Enjoy.

  • Two beautiful and delightful cats.
  • A partner who still adores me after almost 17 years of washing my clothes.
  • A handful of intelligent and beautiful friends spread over the globe who refuse to acknowledge my many flaws (or at least hold them against me).
  • My passport as well as my ticket to Istanbul.
  • Esteemed colleagues and mentors who challenge my intellect even when we’re drinking and laughing our asses off.
  • Enough money to pay the bills and then some.
  • A lifetime of experiences, loves, passions, and thrills both behind as well as ahead of me.
  • The good sense to know what I need to do not to lose my mind.
  • Stable (and relatively healthy) relationships with (what’s left of) my family.
  • Good manners and a sensible diet. Remarkable hygiene. Straight teeth. A wicked sense of humor.

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