Monday, October 8, 2007


Today, on Columbus Day (Observed) I’m sitting through a lecture on early American history—yeah, academic calendars don’t quite match up to national holidays. (When I was at UD—boo! hiss!—I was told that we would not be off on Labor Day because “we are not laborers.”)

But today, I too feel like Columbus: discovering something that millions of people already knew about. (Thanks, Lisa Simpson!) My discovery: I need a break from sitting through lectures and spending far too many hours in front of a computer doing research and writing.

A modest proposal for renaming the day observed today:

  • Stolen Continent Day
  • Genocide Day
  • Taino Heritage Day
  • European Legacy Day (celebrating the effects of smallpox and “conquista”)
Indeed, perhaps we all should just walk backward into the ocean….

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