Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Nothing abides. Nothing remains.

Today I found out that Ray Williams died. (We raise our voices.) He was the chair of the fine arts division at the community college I attended. (We learn to speak.) He listened, especially when I had something (important) to say. (We speak our minds.) He spoke to me as if I had something important to say. (He taught speech. And humanities.) Although we certainly were not close, he had a deep impact on my life. (I teach.) He was sensitive, and intelligent, and passionate. (I am still learning to listen when my students speak.) Rest in peace, Ray. (Your voice will be missed.)

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  1. A meaningful tribute. The ability to speak to another person assuming that they too have something important to say is a true gift. In my work I must choose my words very carefully all the time and often out of a sense that my client will be hurt or angry if I say the wrong thing, and this will in turn reflect back negatively upon me and the company I work for. How potentially different and more meaningful would my conversations be if I focus on reflecting a personal belief that the other person's thoughts, feelings and words are important. Sad to say, my cynicism often leads me to start from the assumption that another's words will NOT be that important--or not very smart.

    I have interviews to do all day--this will be on my mind. Thank you