Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Euro-Franz gets a new handy

One of the many (mis)adventures yesterday was signing up for a new cell phone. I can now be reached at +49.1520.647-9009 while in Deutschland, Euroland (AKA the United States of Europe). To receive SMS is always free, so let your thumbs do the walking! (For those of you in (Fortress) Amerika, be sure to use the international dialing code 011 first.)

I am especially interested in receiving well wishes for 16 years of moderately good behavior. Perhaps I really did deserve the muffin I had with my afternoon coffee. And now that I (finally) have access to wireless, I should be in contact/touch more frequently despite the fact that this language program is kicking me in the head. (But I'll save the bitchy blog posts for later.) For now, bis bald.


  1. As I told Steve, as sang by Bugs Bunny:
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary...

    I love you both. You've made my 16 years with you silly and fun. But mostly lots of great memories.

    Thank you. Love always...

  2. A few words: thanks for the well wishes via SMS to all who sent them. (And a request: please include a name (or nickname) with your message; otherwise I have no idea who you are! ... and maybe you're someone I'd like to know ...) ;) And my voice mail 'situation' is a bit perplexing/vexing. Basically, I don't have access to it--hell, it was a cheap phone, and yet I do get messages telling me I have voice mail. Well, I did actually get into the system once only to hear a computerized voice in German. I quickly hung up. I'll try to change that situation soon.