Monday, July 2, 2007


Since we'll be losing our home in the next few months, I've been thinking a lot about the places I've called home for the past (almost) 40 years. Here's a little map of where I hung my hat. I'll update it when I get more information organized or feel like expanding some of the stories ... which probably won't be for a while since we're leaving for Europe in 2 weeks. We'll fly to Frankfurt to meet up with our friends, then fly to Barcelona for a week before returning to Germany. Afterwards, Stephen comes homes and I settle in Marburg until the end of August. When I get back, we have the pleasure of finding a new home for the next 2 years ... because I swear on a stack of Bibles that I won't live in Texas after I finish the Ph.D.


  1. Did the Manor flood?

  2. Remember: you can click anywhere on the map (except the actual points) to open a full-screen version in order to read an entry for each point and see a more detailed map.

  3. Minerva,

    What part of Oak Cliff dontcha understand? We're the highest point in Dallas! We'll never drown ... that is until the "developers" come in to bulldoze everything level.... The Trinity, however, is lovely--it looks like an actual river these days--perhaps even worthy of those damned Calatrava bridges.

  4. Yes,yes..I get the Cliff part...but isn't there some creek that runs behind your building and the one I used to live in?

    Just wondering about the news of your moving.......