Thursday, June 14, 2007

Beaver Dreams

I've taken this magic little pill (Rozerem) for the past two nights: the first night I dreamed I bludgeoned two people whom I love, last night I barely slept at all, and for the past two days I've felt stoned and strangely euphoric ... in a dazed & confused/Donnie Darko sort of way. One would think that with all this science and all this technology, somebody somewhere would create some good meds that can put my ass to sleep at night and wake it up in the morning. Before getting this prescription, I was self-medicating with melatonin. But when I take those magic little pills too regularly and consistently, I suffer from severe depression. That was something I learned only too well after a particularly rough case of jetlag after returning to Japan one time. Now I make sure not to take it every night, and never to take it more than two weeks at a time. I'll keep up with the Rozerem dosage until I return to the sleep lab; that is, unless I get involved in some Homer Simspson antics like when he was taking sleep medication a few weeks ago. I'm not interested in being a volunteer firefighter.


  1. The platypus said you were going to kill me the other night in my dream. What do you think that means? I'm voting for Dukakis.
    Oh, yeah, I'm beginning to question your dedication to Sparkle Motion.

  2. I got your beaver!

  3. Blanche,

    In my dream, you were shaving my beaver while Abe watched. Then the bunny rabbit said the world was going to end. Blah blah blah. I just wish a plane engine would fall in my bedroom....