Tuesday, April 10, 2007

snocap (songs for sale) + sale

Here's a sweet deal for anyone interested: buy 3 tracks from snocap (or any other online vendor) and I'll send you either the Caelum Moor or the Digital Tsar CD (your choice). You can check out the links in the sidebar to the left for more info about the CDs. And you'll have to email your mailing address to me.

Please help me clean out my closet and reduce my inventory all at the same time! Sale ends May 31, 2007.


  1. Are those last two songs part of some larger project, or are they only stand alone peices?

  2. "CM/Endure" and "ML3" are part of the Caelum Moor project and are included on that CD as bonus tracks. Check out http://cdbaby.com/cd/fgarrett or http://fgarrett.nigredo.biz/ for more information about Caelum Moor. (The tracks are also available from iTunes and several other online vendors.)