Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Kitty/Happy Birthday

Bolesław at 13Zimba at 13Griga at 13

March 19th we celebrated our babies' birthday. Bolesław, Zimba, and Griga turned 13. Here are some photos the day after their big celebration that included games, treats, and lots of pets. Bolesław is the oldest, being born about 20 minutes before Zimba, the middle boy, who in turn was born about 20 minutes before Baby Griga. Bolesław is orange, loves to sing, and is definitely a morning guy. Zimba smells like pine cones, also likes to sing (albeit unintelligibly to the human mind), and his hobbies include standing on his hind legs ("squirreling") and being brushed. He also is known for his "crooky" tail. Griga is solid black except for a small white dot on his neck; he smells like wet grape vine and adores to be either "little spoon" or in the middle when in bed--his favorite place in the whole house.


  1. I've had a fairly deplorable Sunday, and I've arrived home tired, restless, and not a little sad. But I'll admit that seeing photos of Boleslaw, Zimba and Griga brought tears to my eyes--remembering a time when visiting them and the two of you was only a short walk down a sidewalk.

    I miss you all terribly.


  2. There has never been a better or sweeter litter of kitties in the world. Well done, Clover.