Monday, January 1, 2007

Resonance and Resolutions

There's not much I resolve this new year--nothing more than the usual resolutions, anyway: eat better, exercise more, etc. From what I remember from last year's plans, I ended 2006 rather successfully. However, I do have a nice little list I'd like to post--not resolutions so much as a to-do list, things to accomplish and put a giant check next to once I'm done with them.
  • Memorize 12 poems by Theodore Roethke.

  • Make more time for meditation.

  • Complete 12 works of art./Develop my art./Develop as an artist.

  • Translate Wisława Szymborska's Wołanie do Yeti.

  • Complete the required language exam for my degree.

  • Complete my comprehensive exams.

  • Develop a lecture on butoh.
Most of these items, of course, concern my degree, and I'm happy to announce that I should finish all required coursework and other hoops--except for the actual dissertation--by this time next year. I'm interested in memorizing Roethke's poetry for the sheer mental exercise/stimulation as well as in an attempt to more deeply immerse myself in a poet's work, and he is one of my favorite poets. Translating Szymborska's book of poetry is a project I'm planning to complete this semester in an advanced translation workshop, and if all goes well with that then hopefully I'll have a nice portfolio to publish in a year or so. The butoh lecture is for adult education lectures at a nearby museum: I'm hoping to flesh out the lecture I give my humanities students and get a nice gig lecturing at the museum.

Happy new year! May it be one of peace and beauty.

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