Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Widest Sphere

I: Hints need the widest sphere in which to swing ...…
J: ...… where mortals go to and fro only slowly.
In this space between these two absences--the arrival and the departure--I wait for some signal. A gesture. A genuflect. A genuine presence to present itself as a present, signaling from the shore of these muddy waters. The sunbathers walk to and fro (only slowly) between the beach and the bar. It reminds me of Odesa--Ukrainian spelling, when we drank and drank and drank ourselves into the oblivion of the Black Sea. The horizon does not meet merely out there, but now and here (as in nowhere). I am the point at which sky meets earth. The point at which lips meet lips. I embrace my own mortal vastness. And you? And you?

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