Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Jacks '06

Halloween Jack-o'-Lanterns 2006
Here's the glamour shot of the Jacks this year. They look great, no? Although I have to admit that this Halloween was the crappiest one in years. I worked all day on campus yesterday--from 9:30am to 10:00pm: my typical Tuesday. I didn't dress up. I didn't go to the Oak Lawn Halloween "parade." I didn't watch The Crow or Nightmare Before Christmas--two films I almost always watch to get in the mood. I didn't listen to the Halloween compilation tape I made some time before I moved to Japan. I didn't make cards this year. I didn't even have the energy to light the Jack-o'-Lanterns when I got home last night. Wah wah wah! The only indication that it was the greatest holiday of the year was the handful of students I saw who dressed up and both Roseanne Bar and Marilyn Manson on The Tonight Show.

Next Halloween I'm going all out. And I'm taking the whole fucking day off!

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