Thursday, October 19, 2006


  • Īnfīnītus est numerus stultōrum. (Ecclesiastes) Infinite is the number of fools.
  • Paucī virī sapientiae student. (Cicero) Few men are eager for wisdom.
  • Pecūnia avārum irrītat, nōn satiat. (Publilius Syrus) Money excites, not satisfies, avarice.
  • Sēcrētē amīcōs admonē; laudā palam. (Publilius Syrus) Admonish your friends in secret; praise them openly.
  • Rapite, amīcī, occāsiōnem dē hōrā. (Horace) Seize, friends, the opportunity of the hour.
Just some random translations from (simplified) Latin. Funny how I spent so much time last fall teaching myself Latin! May Prof. West (as in the Bicked Bitch of the...) rot in her Christian hell.

Of course, you know it's going to be a difficult day when the dean of the college is announcing that your professor passed away the evening before as you rush into your morning class out of breath and fifteen minutes late. Rest in peace, Professor Hambly. The loss of the Alexandria library was nothing compared to our losing you.

Just a question: why does Nicole Kidman get the Chanel gig while poor Mexican actress Salma Hayek has to settle being spokeswoman for Avon?

Last six songs bought on iTunes:
  • "Bloodsport" - Sneaker Pimps
  • "I Burn for You" - The Police
  • "Non Me Lo Puedo Explicar" - Tiziano Ferro
  • "Wo willst du hin?" - Xavier Naidoo
  • "Losing My Religion" - Ryan Star
  • "Within You" - ThouShaltNot

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