Sunday, October 29, 2006

New Jack(s) [in the] City

Bought our three pumpkins this morning and just finished converting them fully to the Jacks they were meant to be. Check out the cam shot (to the left). Listened to SomaFM's Doom channel while carving and digging our knives into the orange rind--great spooky music for the high holy days ahead, including Bauhaus, Skinny Puppy, Joy Division, and lots of German soundz.

Watched "Shortbus" this afternoon. It was probably better than 75% of the films I've seen in my life. I also thought it was better than 75% of the porn I've seen in my life--the difference: I actually liked the people and their characters. And the sex wasn't gratuitous, or worse--stupid and uninteresting--like in "9 Songs." [Check out my review of "9 Songs" entitled "Pretensions Toward Porn."] After seeing two very dark and depressive films lately ("Science of Sleep" and "Half Nelson"--both brilliant but maddeningly bleak), I was happy to watch one with at least a glimmer of redemption and forgiveness ... if only for oneself.

Tomorrow is Hell Night. Then Halloween (and the birthday of my uncle/namesake). All Saints' Day (and Grzegorz's birthday--sigh). All Souls' Day/El dia de los muertos. S. already has this year's altar built. I'll point the cam on it later this week.

Stay spooky.

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  1. You've made me nostalgic for driving down Tarrant Place this time of year and seeing the glow from your carved pumpkins.