Monday, September 11, 2006

A simpler time...

"Bush Mourns 9/11" read the headline. All I could think was of course he mourns 9/11: it was the last time he actually got (uncritical) points for his faux leadership. Remember the shots of him with the bullhorn just a few days later at the WTC site? "We hear you!" If someone would've popped a paper bag, he would have shit all over himself.

Five years and he and his administration have squandered all the world's goodwill and sympathy. Five years and he and his administration still have not been brought to justice for allowing the attacks in the first place (or for all the illegal and immoral things they've done since). Ultimately a government is charged with protecting its people. They failed, they failed. In the pre-Enlightenment world (and for some time afterwards), government leaders who failed in their duties would've found themselves on the guillotine. It truly was a simpler time.

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