Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Last 10 Sites

Last night the following question was asked: Knowing that you were soon to die, which 5 places would you want to revisit? There was no way I could I choose only 5, so after some minor adjusting, I came up with the following list of 10 (in no particular order):
  • New Orleans, Louisiana - for a latte at Cafe du Monde, a stroll down Pirate Alley, and a walk through the St. Louis Cemetery to scratch an X on the Voodoo Queen's grave

  • Brugges, Belgium - chocolates on the square, a stroll along the canals, take some photos of the lion statues, and a stop for a golden ale

  • Prague, Czech Republic - book-browsing and a latte at the Globe, brunch at Radost FX, an all-night disco, a walk across Charles Bridge on my way up Castle Hill to look through the shops on Golden Lane

  • Lublin, Poland - one last look out from Thursday Hill, lunch at Szeroka, and one last tour of the Byzantine frescoes at the chapel

  • Mojiko (Kitakyushu), Japan - a ferry ride from Shimonoseki, a walk along the boardwalk, people-watching & sketching at the train station, lunch at Naima

  • the Grand Canyon, Arizona - one more sunrise

  • Greenwich, UK - one more ferry ride down the Thames from London in order to stand at 0 degrees longitude again

  • San Francisco, California - one more 3-hour chat with Jola over a good cup of coffee at pretty much any cafe

  • Venice, Italy - to watch the gondolas emerge from and disappear back into the fog

  • Missoula, Montana - to shake the dust off over a hefty breakfast at the Raven Cafe with Shayne after a few more nights sleeping on the road
In the meantime, I'm going to try to visit new places and have even more magical experiences with my friends so I can add to this little list. Or maybe I'll just stay at home with the love of my life (and best friend) and watch my cats sleep. It's all good.

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  1. Thinking about revisiting is a bit easier than the multitude of places I've never yet been:

    1) Grand Canyon
    2) Big Sur
    3) Golden Gate Bridge
    4) Washinton d.c.--specifically Lincoln and Jefferson memorials and Archives
    5) Enchanted Rock State Park--is a reminder of all I love about Texas and helps me forget that what makes me cringe.
    6) Paris
    7) Scotland (Edinburg)
    8) The drive from Heidelberg to Munich
    9) The drive from Paris down and through the Loire region
    10) Chartres cathedral