Friday, August 4, 2006

The Week in Review


Before going to bed every night I scan the entertainment headlines of the BBC, ITN, and Reuters. I used to read the "real" news, but it became unbearable. My favorite headline last night was "Rome unites to condemn Madonna." All three news sources covered this story. Apparently the Catholic Church (thinks it) has a monopoly on crucifixion imagery (despite the fact that it was the heathen Romans who utilized this particularly effective form of state torture/murder - Gitmo wasn't developed till centuries later), and they want Madonna to stop wearing a crown of thorns on stage while gyrating around a cross. Several Jewish and Muslim groups based in Rome have also spoken out against her. Leave it to a slutty girl from Detroit to unite all three backwater religions. We all know that the only way Madonna is ever going to get the Catholic Church from speaking out against her is if she starts raping the parishioners' children.

Proxy War: US vs. Iran

Professor Robert Pape made a significant contribution to the latest Middle East crisis:
What these [Lebanese] suicide attackers [from 1982-1986] -— and their heirs today - shared was not a religious or political ideology but simply a commitment to resisting a foreign occupation. Nearly two decades of Israeli military presence did not root out Hezbollah. The only thing that has proven to end suicide attacks, in Lebanon and elsewhere, is withdrawal by the occupying force.

Thus the new Israeli land offensive may take ground and destroy weapons, but it has little chance of destroying the Hezbollah movement. In fact, in the wake of the bombings of civilians, the incursion will probably aid Hezbollah'’s recruiting.
My prediction: no one will listen to him.

I loved how Israel, after murdering a few dozen children, decided to stop bombing for a bit to give people the chance to leave the area. It reminds me of when "the experts" told people to leave New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina hit. Poor people don't have the luxury of leaving, whether it's for a hurricane or an Israeli bomb!

Maybe some day I'll share my theory with the world that contemporary America is but a mirror of ancient Persia, created in its image, in order to play out their teleological view of history. It's a really fascinating theory.

Mel Gibson

So Mel's a bigot who can't hold his liquor? Sounds like every other self-righteous Christian I've ever met. What's the big deal? Hollywood may be uniting to oust him from their celebrity circles, but Hillbilly-wood is uniting to organize busloads of congregations to watch his next flick. So, who ultimately has the most power: the Jews who make Mel's movies or the white trash assholes who watch them? Please let it be a fight to the death.

Silver Medals for Silver-Haired Ladies

Congratulations to the Motor City Menopause for winning the silver medal at the Gay Games in Chicago. You ladies rock!

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