Saturday, July 8, 2006


A Recent Conversation:
Shayne: Whatcha doing?
Skajlab: Watchin' the game.
Shayne: The Crying Game?
Apparently I am not someone known for watching sports. That's because I hate most sports. Remember, I grew up as a "sensitive" boy in Texas: high school gym class did it to me. But every four years I do sit down in front of my television and watch the World Cup. It's something I started when I lived in Japan in 1998. I even have favorite teams and players. Tomorrow I'll be rooting for Italy.

Since I don't subscribe to ESPN, it's been a hoot watching the matches on Channel 23 Univision in Spanish. Finding a live local broadcast in English has proven unpossible. But that's okay with me: I watched half of the 1998 games in Japanese and the other half in Spanish (when I was home for summer break), and the few matches I caught in 2002 were in Polish because I was living in Warsaw at the time. Besides, the Spanish announcer is better than the latest American Idol winner when it comes to holding the note for his 5-minute "¡G - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - l!" Hell, I don't even have to watch the entire game: I can just turn it on with the sound barely audible and wait until I hear his perfect-pitch E-flat announcing that one of the teams scored. They always replay the play anyway.

My own personal ¡Gol! is to be living in a completely new country watching the 2010 World Cup in some other language I barely understand.


  1. Well your writing was so inspiring that your nieces & I watch the game today. YEAH ITALY!!!

  2. Frank - I watched the World Cup also, but in Germany. (note - this post's purpose is merely to make you jealous) So get over here! I watched the Euro 2004 in several languages and I watched the Superbowl in Portugese. I know exactly what you mean. I also went to a basketball game in Seoul - the game is universal, reading the flipping ticket to see where I was supposed to sit is not. I was a squatter. Cheers - Ang

  3. I'm glad I'm spreading the international love of soccer (at least as far as the World Cup goes) to family members. It's my small contribution. As for you, Fireflower, I have never been anything but jealous of you! We hope to skip over the (frozen) pond sometime over the winter break to visit you and all your girls.

  4. I just love to see my name in print......