Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lack of Symmetry

Last night I watched Frontline: The Age of AIDS. The first (retroactively) known case of HIV infection was 1959 ... probably due to a viral jump from chimpanzees that took place sometime before 1931. And in the past 25 years, about 70 million people have been infected, most likely from a single transmission.

The last day of May 2006. Windows tightly closed. Air conditioned. Water filtered. An ache in my side, and in my back. Tummy hungry from yesterday's fast. Stretch. Lift. Evacuate. Finding new things online to listen to and watch. Before returning to Marx and the outside. And the internal dialogues that have kept me awake for the past few nights. Coming to the realization that a lack of symmetry in my body is indicative of too much time spent in front of a mirror. And too critical an eye. I've got the messages in my inbox down to 18. Progress comes. Incrementally and glacially slow. Reminded that I need to do some chores, accomplish some minor goals today.

Here's something new to listen to/watch: "Girl and the Sea" by the Presets; and something old: "Mad World" by Gary Jules. Enjoy.

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