Monday, April 24, 2006

Mundo Mundane

Could anything be more boring and uninspiring than my life right now? After about 3 hours of sleep last night—and a very frustrating weekend altogether—I’ve managed to write perhaps two pages of the 35 which are due early next week as part of my final term papers. Don’t expect any more posts before I turn in the last assignment.

The Urban Arts Fest went fine. I have to admit that the installations I collaborated on were some of the best there, but attendance and interest seemed too low to make this event sustainable. And I never bumped into Erykah Badu. . . .

This summer’s goals: read, read, read; finish writing one of my half-written books; finish writing an article; teach 2 courses; exercise; organize the apartment; and spend time with family & friends.

Send me good energy vibrations my way as I knock out these projects.

Fairy Music

Monday, April 3, 2006

A return to politics...

Happy anniversary to the Marshall Plan, signed into law by President Truman on this date in 1948. With its tiny (by today's standards) budget of $5 billion, the US helped rebuild 16 European countries in the aftermath of WWII. Secretary of State (noble and enlightened by today's standards as well as the standards of the day) George C. Marshall ended up calling for American aid to help rebuild Europe. Of course, Moscow refused to allow other (forced) signers of the Warsaw Pact to receive any aid, but to this day, the Marshall Plan remains the most successful foreign policy of the United States government. It's one thing we actually got right.