Saturday, January 21, 2006

Tom Yest spreads blasphemous rumors? Thanks to small mercies...

Mr. Song and his wife Melody were your typical suburban parents. He was a mechanical engineer, she an accountant. They lived in a MacMansion just outside of Baltimore very near where I-83 reconnects with itself. Driving home one grey and rainy afternoon, Tom noticed what appeared to be a hovercraft overturned on the side of the road. He stopped to see if he could render aid, having spent the majority of his youth in the Boy Scouts. He was always prepared. He always gave a hoot and didn't pollute. He always knew that only he could prevent forest fires. Etc., etc. He got to Sue, who was very badly broken from the crash. He knew she would not live until the ambulance arrived. He remembered seeing a very badly broken deer once when he was hiking and camping in the Ozark mountains. He was overcome with grief and knew that compassion would have to come swiftly from his own hands. Dr. Harkey died just like that deer: not slow and painful but quickly and with mercy. After he made sure that no one was around.

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