Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tom Yest and Greek tragedy. I am the Alpha and the Omega...

Jan Kropka, having just finished Don Bleu's latest masterpiece, The Duchamp Code, and, at the same time having polished off the last of a bottle of cheap red wine, lies prostrate on the davenport staring absent-mindedly into the bowl of his betta fish Alpha. Alpha was the first of what would become a long line of bettas living in the bowl near the davenport of Pan Kropka. Each would take the name of a letter of the Greek alphabet: Alpha the Betta, Beta the Betta, Gamma the Betta, and so on. As Jan lies there contemplating Alpha, the first, the beginning, he wondered if his plan to have a line of betta fish representing each letter of the Greek alphabet in succession would actually make it to the end, to Omega, before he himself made it to his own end. Or, if instead, the Omega betta, the last, the end, would actually, unknowingly, to Jan or even to the betta himself, be named for a middling letter of the Greek alphabet that no one outside of Greece or a sorority/fraternity pledge class could even remember. Such thoughts of his own Omega troubled his already muddled mind; so, with Alpha watching, Jan Kropka closed his eyes and went to sleep.

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