Monday, January 2, 2006

Seek ye first the kingdom of Tom Yest? A porcupine with jazz hands...

Running the Boston Marathon was always what Jimi Changa had planned to do before he turned 30. However, an unfortunate run-in with a porcupine and a bottle of Becherovka sidelined his career. The bottle of Becherovka was a gift from when his mother toured Europe with the church group; the porcupine was a disoriented visitor from the hills above El Paso. With running the Boston Marathon out of the question, Jimi Changa turned to his mother’s recipes for taco fillings. This turn of events proved fruitful for Jimi’s future when he realized the vast folk culture of the Rio Grande in need of archiving. He began by filing away his mother’s recipes before turning to the recipes of his grandmothers. Eventually, he recorded those of distant aunts and cousins—the tales of his family having been told by the mole. After a long day archiving vast amounts of handmade tortillas and stone-ground corn, Jimi had a vision. Outside his small shop, a waltzing porcupine beckoned him to follow him to the hills. He wasn’t sure if it was a result of the hard manual labor or the handful of hot chilies he had consumed. In the hills, Tom Yest appeared to him in the guise of the Virgin with a flaming sword spinning, spinning above his head. “Seek ye the land of the Becherovka. And while you’re at it, stop off in Amsterdam for some space cake.” Jimi Changa immediately went to renew his passport. All these recipes would come in handy when the Pussenboat broke free from its mooring and sailed all the way to the Canary Islands for Jimi served as the make-shift chef.

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