Sunday, January 22, 2006

A jig by Tom Yest? He dances before the Lord...

The image of the Jebusite god lies beneath the ruins of the twenty destructions of Jerusalem. When the Babylonians came and carried away the tribe of YHWH with their magic book, the Jebusites returned to Mt. Moriah and danced naked with Babylonian whores and priests. They were of a kindred spirit. More lost/re-covered scripture from the Book of Je-bu-shah--the true name of the people of the Image of the Lord:
In all the names of all the gods
We find the name of our True God
In all the symbols and signs and allegories of God
We find the Face of our True God
Within the face of our Lord
We see the face of all of man
And the images he makes of all the gods that ever were
May His Image be inscribed on our hearts
Reading the name "Jebusite" in the magic book of the tribe of YHWH is no different than hearing a Nazi spit the name "Jude."

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