Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Do I know Tom Yest? I hardly knew ye...

Mr. Bleu's response to the first question was, "I don't really feel comfortable helping someone I barely know and don't like." This, of course, led to the second question: "So, does that mean you barely don't like this person? Or that you definitely do not like this person although you barely know this person?" Mr. Bleu's response was simply, "The former. Next question." "I have a question," came from a voice at the back of the room where the press conference was being held; "What are you working on now? And any clues where it will be set?" "Why yes. My next book will be for children. It's entitled The Velour Bunny and is about reality, simulacra, and the meaning of existence as experienced within a positivist mileaux. It will be set in Santiago." "Interesting. How will you do research for this book?" "Tomorrow I fly to Santiago to begin research." After the interview, Mr. Bleu takes a cab to a small cafe off Interstate 83 just outside of Baltimore, where he orders green tea with jasmine. He leaves in another cab, and as he directs the driver where to turn in order to reach his hotel, Mr. Bleu notices the hovercraft in the next lane.

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