Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Beating out a rhythm on my Tom-Tom Yest? And the beat goes on...

During the two years that Tom taught ESL in Japan, he was involved in an intense albeit difficult relationship with Sue Doku, a woman half his age yet twice as intelligent. Sue was a fireball, a cherry blossom, a calligrapher, a haiku--all rolled up (like a sushi roll) into one. Sometimes they made love on the bed; at other times, they made love on the torn tatami covering the floor of his apartment. They made love everywhere: from Okinawa to northern Hokkaido and everywhere in between: at the base of Mt. Fuji during a Slayer concert one spring, on the Shinkansen from Hiroshima to Kyoto. That was how they joined the "300 mph club." But alas, like all good relationships and ESL contracts, they ran their course and ended when Tom left Japan. Sue was inconsolable. For a while. But eventually she met another ESL instructor--this one from Holland. They married shortly before he was to return to his home in Europe. Mr. and Mrs. Harky arrived in Amsterdam on August 1, 1991.

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