Sunday, January 15, 2006

And another thing! Tom Yest plays Cupid, and I'm with stupid...

Max attended a performance by the new music ensemble this afternoon; they were debuting a new work by Philip Glass. Half-way through the first movement, Max saw Sam. He caught his eye and smiled. Sam returned the smile. During intermission they spoke to one another in the lobby while standing in line for coffee. They hadn't seen each other since they split up more than six months ago. It was like old times. They enjoyed each other's presence. The coffee was hot.

Sam attended a performance by the classical music ensemble last night; they were playing the same program every classical music ensemble performs: any boring form of music before 1870. Half-way through the last piece, Sam saw Max. What was he doing here? Max noticed Sam and thought the same thing. Max ignored him and quickly left the auditorium as soon as the last note played. It was weird for Sam to always be bumping into his ex at such events. He wished he'd never see Max again. Outside the snow began to fall.

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