Monday, December 19, 2005

A Tom Yest tall tale? I can see nary a tail...

Pussenboat's Manifest (Destiny):

Sue Harky - veterinarian + makeshift captain, city of origin: Amsterdam
Gloria Kotka - cat-groomer + belly dancer, city of origin: the Hague
Max Block - philosopher + tourist, city of origin: Weimar
Jan Kropka - philology student + poet + tourist, city of origin: Wroclaw
Jimi Changa - taco shell bender + archivist + tourist, city of origin: El Paso
Lupita "la puta" Racional, "la puta" + wife, city of origin: Santiago

...and then there was me:
Effe Lajefe - international spy + newlywed, city of origin: unknown

Lupita la puta was up to her old tricks, cycling through the handful of people almost twice on the 40-day voyage to the Canary Islands aboard the Pussenboat. Because of my cat allergies and seasickness, I didn't notice the on-again, off-again intimate configurations between my wife and the other passengers. After 37 days, however, we ran out of cat food and had to withdraw ourselves from the poor starving beasts. Their moaning and groaning and meowing kept us all up at night. When we finally hit land just 3 days (and 3 nights) later, the cats were the first to abandon ship, dispersing across the island, devouring every bird in sight. And that's why there are no canaries on the Canary Islands any more. True story.

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