Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Tom Yest holiday? I can see clearly (k)now...

Dr. Janet Slowo is sitting on her sofa in her warm and inviting flat overlooking the more trendier avenues in Oslo. All her grades for the semester have been submitted. She is sipping a glass of cabernet at room temperature; vintage: 1983. She is counting her blessings: one - having Tom back in her life; two - adopting a small grey kitten; three - re-establishing contact with a former colleague who was very influential in her earlier career; four - developing her spirituality despite having not gone to a church in decades; five - buying that new rug from the corner shop; six - having finished one of the most popular novels of the year: The Duchamp Code by Don Bleu; and finally seven - the snow begins to fall as she lights the candle. She thinks about St. Lucia. She thinks about the last day of the year. She thinks.... She thinks. She. Sssshhhhhh. There is a knock at the door.

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