Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tom Yest, can I have a word with you? What are words for...

“You remember pussy-boat lady with glasses, no?” Lupita rolls over to ask Tom lying next to her on a rollaway cot. “They found her body in America. She froze to death, trapped beneath her hovercraft. Her skin was frozen bleu.” “Sam, I’ve found someone else. Don’t look at me that way. I swear I didn’t go out in search of this. But you just have to move on now. Good luck.” “I swear, Barbara, you eat more bananas than my ex-wife.” “Professor X was awarded tenure yesterday; and his forthcoming book entitled Platonic Tragedy is to be published by Routledge. In it, he reveals lost fragments from a collection of half-destroyed tragic plays written by Plato. Apparently, Plato attempted to destroy them in order to secure a position under Socrates.” “Here kitty, kitty.” “Tom, just get me another gig like General Hospital. My music career is going nowhere these days, so it’s not like I don’t have the time. I’d be happy to reprise the role of Dr. Noah Drake.” “Don Bleu’s latest work is a masterpiece. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a deeper relationship with the secrets that have shaped human history over the past 2500 years.” “Sounds hot.” And Tom rolls back over to look Lupita in the eyes: “I have to be back in Oslo by mid-May.”

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