Saturday, December 24, 2005

A PSA for Tom Yest? And then there were 77...

Sue Harky had just arrived at the Berlin Zoo via hovercraft from Amsterdam. She would leave in a chariot pulled by two enormous polar bears. How she came to be traveling by polar “bear” express is still being sorted out. What we know is that Barbara Mandrell the mandrill was involved in rendering Sue Harky’s hovercraft unusable when, while being transported out of the zoo, Barbara Mandrell the mandrill caught the scarf attached to the sombrero being used to disguise her in the wheel well of the convertible in which she was riding and being driven by the one-eyed man from M.O.N.K., causing the car to crash into the hovercraft. Though she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, the airbag deployed, allowing Barbara Mandrell the mandrill to escape unharmed. Fortunately, Sue Harky had already vacated the hovercraft, having left it with the valet. Now it might not seem unusual for a woman such as Sue Harky to arrive at a zoo, being a veterinarian and all, but this was no professional visit for Dr. Harky. Sue was there to meet none other than Tom Yest, having cracked a portion of the Duchamp code. And all it took was a toss of a penny into the Duchampian fountain. Tom Yest, however, had already left the zoo, necessitating a rapid departure for Sue Harky in order to track Tom down.

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