Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Do you have Tom Yest in a can? For heaven's sake, let him out...

I-83 intersects with itself just outside of Baltimore. It's a cold day, and the snow is really piling up outside the hovercraft. Veterinarian Sue Harky is contemplating returning to from where she just arrived: Santiago. The hovercraft gets caught in an updraft and skids a bit above the slick roads. Ever turning in the widening gyre, she duplicates the curve of a mollusk, the curve of her DNA's double helix. All things, she remembers, fall back upon themselves. This is a lesson Professor X once taught her. This is a lesson that will need to be re-remembered again and again. At the coffee shop just outside of Baltimore where I-83 intersects with itself, she glances around--senses heightened. There he is! The one-eyed man. He approaches her with a cup of green tea with jasmine--what she would've ordered had she already ordered if it wasn't already too late. She blows over the placid surface of the tea; it burns her lips when she sips.

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