Friday, November 18, 2005

Big Murtha Fucka

Finally, an elected official that has big enough testicles to take on this illegal and morally reprehensible war. Kudos to Congressman Murtha, Democrat from Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District. I love how the bastards (and at least one bitch who made it to the evening news tonight) have tried to label him a coward despite his years of military and public service, especially those bastards (and at least one bitch) who have neither served in the military nor have had their own children serve, especially during an actual war. Fuck 'em all. There are 10,000 ways to support our troops. None of them includes standing around saying, "I support our troops." At least one real way to support our troops is not to have them destroy a country's infrastructure and murder 10s of thousands of civilians in a country that absolutely never posed a threat to our own security. I can think of a handful of bastards (and at least one bitch) who would make good war casualties. May they never know real war, and may they finally see how wrong they truly are.

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