Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Random Number Generator

If I were forced to evaluate my Latin professor, it would read something like this: “Inarticulate exasperation does not a pedagogy make.” To prove what a great student (as well as a great teacher) I am all by myself, my average thus far is 99.4. I have learned nothing from her. [No, I never provide written documentation of my professors’ performance ever since my grade was significantly lowered by a couple of teaching assistants I tore apart in an evaluation of a course several years ago.]

[As for the rest of my graduate experience…] Defining myself in opposition has gotten me fairly far in life; however, I’d now like to be in a place that would challenge, not irk; inspire, not dictate.

“Exhaustion” is probably overused these days, but there’s no better way to describe how I feel with the fulltime graduate work + teaching (I covered a mere 1500 years’ worth of culture this past weekend; the previous weekend, I managed about 5000 years’ worth) + preparing exams + reading dense philosophical texts + managing my courses as well as my time + popping cup after cup of afternoon coffee into the microwave for 90 seconds at a time.

Had a blissful conversation with my friend & confidant Chrzanka-kan (I wanna rock you; it’s all I wanna do.) a couple of days ago. It’s the little things (like 30-minute conversations with people you like) that make life beautiful. [As opposed to the email from people you wish you’d never met that sits in your inbox waiting for a reply. What was I thinking?!?!]

November 8: If you are a [legal] resident of Texas [and an eligible voter], I encourage you to vote NO on Proposition 2. [I’m still working out my thoughts on the other proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution. Considering, though, that Texas voters have approved 432 amendments thus far to the Texas Constitution, I’m willing to recommend we vote NO on all 9 proposals—unless one of them is to wipe the Constitution clean and start from scratch.]

Today is brought to you the number 2000. Welcome to Iraqnam!


  1. You say exhaustion, I say complete cognitive meltdown. I lost it in class recently thinking of the hillbilly song (remember?)during a discussion as to whether or not rednecks and hillbillies are an oppressed cultural group in the US.

  2. The Hillbilly National Anthem

    I'm a hillbilly.
    I'm a hillbilly.
    I fuck my cousins,
    And I fuck my goats--
    I'm a hillbilly.


    ... and yes, we are oppressed by all those know-it-alls who done got theyselves up to that there big city for some of that fancy learning!