Thursday, September 1, 2005

Just Do It

Despite the fact that today marks the 66th anniversary of what is typically seen as the start of World War II when Nazi Germany invaded Poland, I'd like instead to focus on another anniversary--this one, too, involving Poland and the start of something bigger.

Twenty-five years ago the Soviet-backed Polish government recognized the independent trade union Solidarność. Just a month before, unionists successfully striked across southeast Poland, but August 31, 1980, is now seen as the date when the Iron Curtain began to fall. Of course, it was a long and difficult slog afterwards, especially when martial law was declared a year later.

But the Poles persisted and persevered (see, I can say something nice about those people!), and they now enjoy a communist government that was democratically elected by the people. I’m sure Pope John Paul II is rolling over in his grave.

So, Happy Anniversary to Solidarity. They did it without (western) Europe’s support, without Amerika’s cash & bombs, and even without the initial support of the Catholic Church. [Too bad the lazy Iraqis couldn’t follow Poland’s lead….]